Microsoft Excel Expert Training Course


We are offering a Microsoft Excel Expert Course. The class will teach you how to create macros, conditional formatting, securing your workbooks, expert functions, auditing worksheets, analyzing data, and importing, exporting data. This course is perfect for someone who uses Microsoft Excel already, or took our Excel essentials course and wants to become an expert user.

When this course is over you will be able to create and edit macros, use nested functions, enter database and financial functions, tracing errors in functions, using trend lines and forecast, and how to automate the collection of web data into excel. Students will be able to take home their files they created during the course to practice. Also, students are welcome to come back for a free retake of the course, good for up to 6 months after their first course.

All courses are live instructor-led. If you have a group of employees looking for Excel training, call us for a customized quote. We offer great discounts and onsite training for groups of two or more.

What students will learn in this Excel Expert course?

  • How to macros to automate our spreadsheets.
  • Using conditional formatting to formats specific cells in a range.
  • Protecting workbooks and sheets. If you share your workbooks with others, protecting certain sheets or range will ensure the integrity of the sheets stays intact.
  • How to use a combo IF and Vlookup to lookup values base on certain conditions and criteria.
  • When you would use the ISBLANK or ISERROR functions. Ever had a function return error because a cell was blank? We will show how to stop this.
  • Using SUMIF, AVERAGEIF, COUNTIF. These will allow us to sum, count and average base on certain criteria.
  • Inputting financial functions.
  • Tracing errors in functions using formula auditing. Excel has a great set of tools to help us troubleshoot errors in formulas.
  • Working with scenarios. what are they, and how they help us save time.
  • Inserting a trendline on a chart and having Excel forecast your next quarter or months finance.
  • How to import and export data into excel. Also includes using web data. Have a web page you constantly monitor, to update excel? Have excel update itself when the web page changes.

FREE retake of the course for up to 6 months.

Come back and retake our course, free of charge for up to 6 months from your original course date.

What does the Excel Expert training course include?

  • Course covers Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 versions.
  • This is 100% hands-on course; every student will have his or her own computer to work on.
  • The most flexible schedule. We have weekday, evening and weekend courses available.
  • FREE retake for up to 6 months.Come back and retake our course free of charge for up to 6 months from your original course date.
  • Flat rate  tuition inlcudes 8 hours of training and physical training manual.
  • Full day of training or 2 evening. 8 hours of total training time
  • You’ll be given a Certificate upon completion of the training.
  • Expert instructor with more than 10 years of financial experience using and teaching Excel
  • The course will include a customize manual with step by step directions and a certificate at the end, showing that you completed the class.

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"Instructor made learning pivot tables and charts very easy. I recommend this class to anyone looking to learn Excel."


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"I had taken classes at other schools. This class was one of the best I ever had. The instructor was great, class was small and computers were new."


"I love the Small classes and smart teacher. He made learning easy and fun."


"Although I have had Excel training before. I have not had it with such clarity. I appreciate his presentation. I'm sure I will be able to retain and use everything I learned. Special Thanks."


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"The instructor was very clear when explaining every aspect of Excel. I really feel I learned a lot and will take other courses in the future."


""I was really impressed with how clear the instructor's instructions were, which made the course enjoyable."